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A site for Mr. de Leon’s LTHS students.
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You can find almost all items related to your classes on this site. With the exception of your grades which are posted on EdLine. Most chapter resources, links, and downloads can be accessed by visiting your class’s resource page.  For class syllabi and general information, visit the Classroom Documents link where you can read and download all info.
As stated earlier, each class has its own resource page. To get there, click on the classes link above and then click on your respective class. You will be required to logon to access your class whether you are in Bio Prep, Accel, or Physical Science. This information will be provided to you at the start of each academic year. For the latest news and info, be sure to visit your class blog which will be located in the class resource area. You will also find bonus questions/work here periodically so keep your eyes open!

Go ahead and use the above navigation bar to help you find your way around this site! There’s a spot for the parents, a spot to leave your mark (Guestmap), and a spot for those in Zoology Club! Have ‘fun’ (as much as you can for a school website anyways) and if you can contribute, please do so and help make this a great place to be! Bookmark this page today!